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Belkin Products for the iPod Touch

  • Cases
  • Cables
  • Chargers
  • Car

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Apple EarPhones with remote and mic

Connecting the iPod Touch to a projector – you can use Apple composite AV cable with Touch $49
These go to regular "composite" RCA plugs -- red & white for stereo audio and yellow for video ( assuming you have those ports on your data projector) You can also plug into a regular TV that has these jacks, if a projector is not available.

Speakers to use with Touch - JBL “on stage” speakers
There are a lot of different models, some of which have a remote control (VERY handy!). The big plus on this is that it serves as a steady stand for the iPod, plugs in so that it stays charged, and has a standard sync port, so it can be used as a dock, syncing with the computer, or connected with the AV cable to a TV or a projector.

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