Getting Started

In the box:
  • iPod touch
  • Earphones
  • USB 2.0 cable
  • Dock adapter
  • Quick Start guide
Take a look around the iPod Touch...

Sleep/Wake Button
Wi-Fi antenna
Volume Buttons
Home Button
Status Bar
Application icons
Dock Connector Headphone Port
Touch Screen
Internal Speakers

Before you can use any of the iPod Touch features, you must use iTunes to set up.

1. Connect iPod Touch USB cable to the bottom of iPod Touch. Open iTunes on your computer. Connect other end to computer with iTunes. Must have iTunes account to download apps.

IMPORTANT- Do not register your iPod Touch or sync with the computer. This process is long and can be done at a later time.

2. Disconnecting iPod Touch - unless iPod Touch is syncing with your computer, you can disconnect it from your computer at any time.
When iPod Touch is syncing with your computer, iPod Touch shows "Sync in progress." some data may not be transferred. When finished window shows "iPod Touch sync is complete. Cancel a sync - drag the slider on iPod Touch.

3. Status icons, Home screen, iPod Touch Applications, Customizing the Home Screen
4. Buttons (sleep/wake, Home, volume), Touch screen (tap, scroll, flick, lists, zoom, view) Cleaning
5. Standard Apps - Mail, Calendar, Photos, Contacts,etc.
6. Onscreen keyboard - typing commands,editing (insert,copy paste, undo), Searching
7. iTunes/Apps store - music, video, podcasts and apps
8. Settings
9. Using the Thumb Tack Microphone - Voice Memo, iTalk/iTalk Sync and Audacity
10. Trouble shooting- Reset, restart and force quit