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These tips come from Learning in Hand is written by Tony Vincent.

Keep Earbuds Untangled

Keeping earbuds in desks or all together in a box is bound to create a tangled mess. To keep teachers and students from wasting time untangling earbuds, I suggest putting hooks on the wall--one for each pair of earbuds. Number the earbuds (a folded-over flap of tape works well) and number the hooks. When earbuds aren't in use, students gently hang them on the assigned hook.

Web Clip Icons

Web Clip is an icon you can add to your Home screen as a shortcut to a website. With one tap, Safari will open to the Web Clip's page. To make a Web Clip, simply open the page in Safari. Tap the Plus sign at the bottom of the screen. Tap Add to Home Screen and edit the title (if you want). Tap Add and, presto, a new icon is added to your Home Screen!
Some sites have customized Web Clip icons. For instance, when you make a Web Clip of an Apple page, the icon appears as an apple on a gray background. If a webpage doesn't have a customized icon, iPod touch will make an icon of what's showing on the page at the time you've clipped it. I suggest zooming into the logo or a picture on the page before tapping the + button to make a Web Clip. This way, the icon on your Home screen is of that logo or picture, not just of a thumbnail of the entire page.



There are times when you might want an image of your iPod's screen. Screenshots are helpful on websites, in slideshows, and in printed documents. To take a screenshot on an iPod touch, hold down the Home button while quickly pressing the Sleep button on the top of the iPod. The screen flashes and an image is saved into the Saved Photos album in Photos. You can sync the iPod to get the screenshots from the album or you can view the image and tap the Email Photo button.

Save Images

You can save an image while browsing the web in Safari. Tap and hold the image you wish to save. The image you are about to save is highlighted. Tap the Save Image button that appears. The image is saved into the Saved Photo album in Photos.

Parental Controls

You can enable restrictions for students on an iPod touch. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions. Tap Enable Restrictions. You'll be asked to create a four-digit passcode. The passcode will be needed to change restrictions in the future. You can restrict access to explicit iPod content, web browsing, YouTube, iTunes, and installing applications.

Gmail Email

Many apps expect users to have access to email in order to get text, data, images, and video out of the app and into other computers. Many schools do not issue email addresses to students. If iPods are shared among students, it may not be wise to have each of them input their email information anyhow. In this case, it might be best to create a free Gmail account for each iPod. Develop a naming system for the iPods and for the Gmail accounts. For example, I might use vincentipod01 for iPod #1, vincentipod02 for iPod #2, and so on. You will need to create the accounts online and then imput the information into each iPod by going into Settings > Mail, Contact, Calendars > Add Account...


Scrolling back to the top from the bottom of a long web page can take a lot of flicking. Instead, double-tap the white bar along the top of the screen to jump right to the top of the page.

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