By adding a microphone to your iPod Touch it becomes a handy digital voice recorder.

Voice Memos app comes standard.

iTalk lite is a downloadable app.

Can use Apple earphoneswith built in mic - $29.00

Griffin Smart Talk Microphone - $19.00

Switcheasy Thumbtack Microphone $14.00

Ways to Use Digital Files in Education

Audio Files
  • Information delivery
  • Literature
  • Speeches
  • Science lab instructions
  • Podcast course material
  • Voice memos
Student Audio Files
  • Book reports
  • Presentations
  • Foreign language
  • Lyrics with a song
  • Storytelling
  • Oral histories
Professional Development
  • Audio Books
  • Digital in-service
  • Recorded meetings
  • Keynote presentations
  • Evaluation/Assessment
  • Personal reflections/Goal setting
  • Recorded Lessons
  • Student Assessment
  • Archiving
  • Note Taking
  • Sharing classroom news/work
  • Photos
Pass around the class and record class/individual goals or student reflections
• Record students reading their writing
• Record a fictional interview with a person or object of study
• Record a test or quiz study Q & A
• Record key concepts
• Create a
voicethread/Add to a voicethread
• Record a passage from a book
• A poem
• Script/record a radio advertisement
• Record Book Talks
• Literature Circles/
book group discussions and share with other groups
• Adapt/write/record a script
• Meet the author library development
• Science Logs, capture real time observations/field notes/sounds
• Art critiques
• Write/record historically correct audio diaries
• Create Walking Guides
• Gather oral histories